I’m Hayley! My parents named me after the twin in the old parent trap movie, Hayley Mills I believe was her name. Anyways, I live in Southeastern Wisconsin with my amazing husband, our 2 wild yet wonderful little boys, and our loving watch dog. I was raised with my younger brother by our father, which means since I was little I have done everything boys do. Catch frogs, go fishing, camping, play in the dirt. You know , all the boy ( or girl) stuff. Now that I am older and have two little boys of my own nothing has changed, we still do all of it and I would not change any of it for the world. I am in love with the smell of burning leaves in the fall, and rain on a hot blacktop when its summer after a good storm rolls through. I l also love to decorate, yes decorating for the holidays is a must in our house. The excitement that comes over my kids face when I decorate for Halloween or Christmas is priceless.

At our house expect laughs, expect to be greeted with a cold beer and a hug and most likely a big wet kiss from our dog. Expect the macarena to be on and both boys still learning how to dance to it. I am a lover of all music on the internet. Expect that when you walk in the doors you will look at all the images from so many different photographers whos art fills my walls with the people I love most. I have always had an interest in photography so when my oldest son was younger I wanted to savor all the little details about him , which brought me to finally purchasing my first camera. I remember my first session, my hands where shaking , I was so nervous because I wanted the images to be perfect. I now know that an image does not have to be perfect to be perfect for my clients. I feel that family is number one, it should always come first and It is our most precious gift, which should be captured in the most beautiful light. I hope we can meet and I can capture your story so you get those overwhelming feelings and emotions every time you view them.

"No-one ever made a difference by being like every one else Remember to grow in all the places people thought you never would "