I have an urge and passion to capture those real, raw, authentic moments. Although we only get a short amount of time together during our session I will strive to capture those deep connections that are in the moment which seem to slip away from us during our day to day lives. 

I view photography the way I view life, exciting, magical, and full of possibilities.

"Hayley is amazing to work with. She is so passionate about her work that she makes an event out of it. No matter how you are during photos, she helps make you feel comfortable and gets the best shots. You can put your full trust into Hayley to capture the best moments in your life. Best experience! "
- Jenna


My sessions are for Immediate family, couples, newborn and maternity. I want to capture the newborn baby skin that can bring you back to the day they where born, the giggles of your children you can silently hear while looking at an image, the deep connection you and your partner share by a touch, the powerful amount of love a new mother is about to have for her child she has yet to meet. I want to capture it ALL! Please share your story with me, so I can get to know you better and capture those moments you are longing for.

"Hayley made the whole photo shoot enjoyable! Hayley confidently directed us on what to do, snapped a few quick pictures, and we were on to the next thing. To top off the pleasant picture-taking experience, we LOVED the pictures we got in the end! Hayley was very efficient with getting high-quality pictures. She is so kind and wonderful with kids! " - Abbie

Nobody will ever love you like an Artist can. On your worst days they will find poetry in the knots of your hair.



I would be blessed to capture your memories and get to know you better. Taking a picture freezes time, and that is what I intend to do, freeze time so years from now you and your loved ones can treasure these moments. I cannot wait for you to tell me your story and why you feel like my sessions are meant for you. Contact me and lets create something beautiful together.

"Hayley is absolutely incredible. before the photo shoot she provided me with clothing and gave a wonderful dress recommendation that turned out to be stunning. She gave us simple directions and we were able to be ourselves, which she perfectly captured. We had an absolute blast should YOU book Hayley? The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!!! " - Amanda